The Ultimate Guide To Personalising Your Mechanical Keyboard With Anime Keycaps

Do you absolutely love anime? Do you spend hours every day typing away or playing games using a mechanical keyboard? If so, you need to take your keyboard to the next level with a set of Anime Keycaps from your favorite series. Welcome to the ultimate guide to personalizing your mechanical keyboard with anime keycaps.

Why use Anime Keycaps?

Before we get into the finer details, let’s discuss why anime keycaps are the right choice when it comes to personalising your keyboard. You love anime, I love anime, everyone loves anime (even if they don’t know it yet). From its broad range of art styles, enthralling stories and loveable characters, there’s an anime for everyone. By adding your favorite character to your keyboard, you’re not only showing off your anime pride, but also bringing a touch of flair to your every day.

How To Personalize Your Keyboard

Figure Out Your Switch

    The first and arguably most important step when it comes to swapping keycaps is to make sure you know what type of switch your keyboard supports. The vast majority of mechanical keyboards made in recent years support MX switches, but it’s a good idea to check with your manufacturer to make sure your keycaps are compatible with your keyboard.

    Choose The Right Profile For You

      The profile of a keycap defines the overall shape of the keycap which affects how typing on them will feel. Some of them are sloped, some are flat and some have rounded tops. There is no right choice when it comes to selecting your profile as it purely comes down to personal preference. Here are a few of the most popular profiles:

      OEM: This is the most common profile that you’ll find on almost every stock mechanical keyboard. The keys are slightly curved and spherical which gives it a comfortable feel for the majority of users.

      Cherry: These keycaps are similar to OEM, however they differ in that the keys are lower and flatter. Many users who prefer a sleeker look and flatter typing experience choose this profile.

      XDA: This profile offers the least variance in key shape per row, however this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Users who prefer a more uniform typing experience where every key feels the same will enjoy using these keycaps.

      DSA: The DSA profile is to XDA what Cherry is to OEM. Offering the same uniform cylindrical keycap shape while having a lower and sleeker design. Users who prefer a lower, flatter typing experience will enjoy these keys.

      SA: Arguably the most unique of all the profiles, these keycaps offer a tall and sloped design. Users who enjoy the vintage feel of typewriters and a retro look will enjoy using these keycaps.

      Selecting Your Design

        Once you’ve figured out your keyboard's switch type and chosen the right profile for your typing style, it’s time for the fun to begin - choosing the perfect anime keycap design. This is where you get to browse our high quality keycap designs from a huge range of series. These are a few of the factors our customers take into consideration when choosing their keys:

        Anime Series: Decide which series and characters you love the most and hold dearest to your heart. We stock a huge range of series [HYPERLINKED] including Genshin Impact and Demon Slayer, so we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for

        Backlit: Many users have keyboards that offer backlit LED lights. Choosing a keycap set that includes a transparent element will allow this light to pass through the keys and add an extra element of personalization to their keyboard.

        Limited Editions: Keep an eye out for limited edition sets and rare one-off keys if you’re looking to add something truly unique to your keyboard. These limited edition sets often feature exclusive designs that can’t be found anywhere else and can become prized possessions for collectors.

        Maintaining And Caring For Your Keys

          Now that your keyboard is fully personalized and looking absolutely beautiful, it’s essential that you take care of it to keep it looking its best and working to its full potential. These are just some of the precautions you can take to expand the longevity of your keyboard:

          Regular Cleaning: Dust and debris will undoubtedly start to accumulate under your keys over time. The use of a good keycap puller and a soft brush or condensed air canister make it a breeze to pull off and quickly clean between and beneath your keys. We suggest doing this every 1 - 2 months.

          Avoid Spills: Keeping your keys free from crumbs and spilled drinks is imperative when it comes to your keys functioning correctly. A spilled drink can easily cause keys to become sticky and can require a lengthy clean to get them working again properly. We suggest keeping all food and drink at a safe distance from your keys at all times.

          Keycap Puller: Previously mentioned in regards to cleaning your keyboard, a keycap puller makes it an absolute breeze to safely remove and replace your keycaps without the risk of causing any damage. We do not suggest the use of any other utensil as this can easily lead to damaging your keys.


            Customizing and personalizing your mechanical keyboard with anime keycaps is an amazing way to showcase your love for your favorite anime series and characters while also making your keyboard visually unique and appealing. By understanding exactly what you need to take into consideration when choosing your keycaps, you can ensure you’re creating a truly unique appearance and a typing experience that you’ll absolutely love.

            Remember that personalization doesn’t just stop at your keyboard. Share your customized setup on social media (don’t forget to tag us!), Reddit or any other keyboard enthusiast communities to help inspire others and connect with your fellow anime and keyboard lovers. Happy typing and we hope your keyboard becomes a flourishing work of art that showcases your love for anime!